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Yes, all customers enjoy lifetime access to their notes, including future editions of previously purchased subjects.

No, our files are safeguarded against sharing. Any detected document sharing will result in automatic locking of the documents and suspension of your download access.

Currently, our notes are available only in English. However, numerous free and paid PDF translation tools can translate PDFs into various languages. For instance, check out https://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/en/

Absolutely, you can access sample downloads of all subjects here!

Our checkout employs anti-fraud measures to validate genuine purchases. Matching your billing address with your payment method’s registered address helps prevent fraud. For instance, if your billing address postcode doesn’t match your credit card’s registered postcode, the transaction might be declined.

Certainly, PayPal is available in our ‘Express Checkout’ menu. Remember to apply any discount codes before proceeding with PayPal payment. The Cart Value at the time of clicking the PayPal button will be charged.

Our card payments are processed securely via Stripe, which accepts Visa, Mastercard & AMEX. Sometimes, Stripe’s fraud protection systems might deny a valid transaction. In such cases, consider enabling online transactions on your card, ensuring billing address alignment, disabling VPN, refreshing your browser, trying a different device, or opting for PayPal Card Payment.

Incorrectly entered email addresses or spam folders can lead to this issue. Contact us at admin@studynotes.top, and we’ll manually deliver your order. Also, check your junk/spam folders. For ApplePay or PayPal, emails go to the associated payment email.

If no account was created during purchase, click the link in your order confirmation email. Creating an account is optional. To do so, visit this URL: https://study.planneezer.com/my-account/, click ‘Create Account,’ use your purchase email, and set a password. This account will show all purchases tied to that email.

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