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"Meet Planneezer: Your Partner in Success. Founded by Rachel and Mark, we craft digital planners that turn dreams into reality. Our Life Harmony Planner balances personal and professional life, the Career Accelerator Planner propels careers forward, and the Dream Realizer Journal brings dreams to life. We're not just a company; we're your companions on the journey to success and happiness.

In the bustling realm of technology and organization, we are a company that shines like a beacon of productivity and joy. We are “Planneezer,” a name synonymous with the art of digital planning. But we are not just any company; we are a vessel of dreams and aspirations, with a singular mission to make people happy and successful in their lives, one digital planner at a time.

The story

Our story began with two passionate entrepreneurs, Rachel and Mark. We share a profound belief in the transformative power of planning and organization. Rachel has always been the dreamer, while Mark brings the structure and execution. Together, we envisioned a company that would help people turn their dreams into reality through beautifully designed digital planners.

Planneezer stands as a shining testament to the power of vision, creativity, and dedication to a noble goal. In a world where chaos and distractions often reign, we are a guiding light, helping people navigate their paths to happiness and success. Our story is a story of dreams fulfilled, and it’s a story of a company that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.”

Wow, this planner FAR exceeded my expectations. Incredible work! Highly recommend for any and all digital planning needs!
Sean Walsh
London, UK
Love this planner, I use it every day. Planning a wedding and being a grad student, this planner is saving my life.
Matt P
Oslo, Norway

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“Love this planner, I use it every day. Planning a wedding and being a grad student, this planner is saving my life.”

Matt P.

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