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How to start with digital planning?

The digital planner is a PDF file with hyperlinks adapted for tablets, phones, and personal computers. It allows you to digitize the notes of your paper weeklies and use them more conveniently since all pages will be connected by links.  Thus, you can easily navigate between the days by clicking calendar dates, and of course between all sections!

The process of preparing for work is as simple as possible. You need:

  1. Download the PDF annotation application;
  2. Download the digital planners as a PDF through a browser or send it to your mail;
  3. Click on the downloaded file and select the app to work with it.

Which PDF annotation app should I look for?

We recommend for iPad:

and for Android:

Just click on App Name to learn more about how to work with Digital Planner PDFs in this App.

You can also choose one of the task manager apps for digital planning, such as AnyDo, Todoist, Trello, etc. They are perfect for those who expect from digital planning nothing more than scheduling a business meeting or happy birthday to their cousin. Such task managers, as it is, do not have standard fields on which you can write down your thoughts or just the information you need. There is a search by tasks and notes, but you still won’t be able to structure your notes like in paper weeklies with quick access. Therefore, for beginners, the planner application is the best option. By having some functions of a task manager, this choice gives you room for creativity.

Since the creation of such a file is a rather laborious process that requires special knowledge, the easiest way is to purchase a ready-made template with hyperlinks or use an application with integrated templates for different occasions. To work with it on a computer, you will need a PDF annotation program, for example, Adobe Acrobat.

However, the best solution for convenience and portability is to use the template with your iPad or any other tablet paired with a stylus that supports handwriting. It allows you to plan even more conveniently than in a classic paper notebook.


This is one of the best devices for Digital Planning. The device has E-link Display, a big battery, and a cool design, which makes many people really happy with reMarkable.

In case you have any issues with the reMarkable, just look at this complete manual.

And we prepared a short FAQ for you.

  • How to import files?

You can do it using reMarkable website, App or directly from a computer. More information with video here.

NOTE: If you want to import an image or other file types (not PDF/EPUB), the only option currently supporting this is uploading files through the my.remarkable.com website:

  1. Go to my.remarkable.com and log in to your account.
  2. Click on Import your files.
  3. Drag and drop the file you want to send, or click Browse files to select your document.
  4. The files you’ve sent will appear in the My files menu on your reMarkable.
  • How to navigate through pages?

Just tap on hyperlinks on pages and right/top sidebars using your finger. The device doesn’t support navigating using a stylus.

  • How to copy page on planner? 
  1. Tap the notebook options icon, then Page overview.
  2. Tap Duplicate in the top action bar. An exact copy will appear immediately after the page you chose in the notebook.

More information here.

  • How to add one more blank page?

If you have no enough space for handwriting, you can add more blank pages. Like in this video manual.

  1. Tap Page overview in the toolbar menu.
  2. Select where you’d like to place the new page.
  3. To add a new page, tap Add page in the top menu bar.

So you’ll have more pages.



Supernote is one of the best devices for digital planning. It works fast and has many useful functions. I found cool video with Supernote tips and tricks for new users. I encourage you to explore it.

Also, if you gave any issues with Supernote device just look at these articles on support center.

And we prepared a little FAQ for you.

  • How to import files?

The easiest way is Supernote Cloud, but you also can use USB drive for it. More information with video here.

  • How to navigate through pages?

Just tap on hyperlinks on pages and right/top sidebars using your finger.

  • How to copy page on planner?

Currently, it is possible, from the three dots on the top bar, to select one or multiple pages and copy/move into other points only in the current document.

Digital planners make life easier, help in different situations, preserve the environment, and in general, they’re beautiful!

If you have not used them yet, we recommend creating your planner using our instructions or buying a ready-made template.

If you are just starting your journey in the world of planners, we recommend starting with the Digital Planner app because it immediately has templates, stickers, and covers for all occasions, it also works on all devices.


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